May 10, 2024

New Laws Are Turning Police Into ‘Super Citizens’

By John Pfaff

A series of legislative and judicial efforts have removed police oversight from oversight boards and communities.

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New Laws Are Turning Police Into ‘Super Citizens’

May 10, 2024 Commentary
A series of legislative and judicial efforts have removed police oversight from oversight boards and communities.
By John Pfaff

GOP Senate Candidate’s Error-Laden Memoir Villainized Baltimore, Freddie Gray

April 19, 2024 Latest
Larry Hogan, the former Maryland Republican governor, has a moderate reputation — but spent his career wrongfully demonizing Baltimore
By Baynard Woods

In historic North Carolina hearing, Joe Freeman Britt’s troubled past as prosecutor looms

March 29, 2024 Latest
The proceedings are before a Johnston County Superior judge, but former Roberson and Scotland County prosecutor Britt's legacy hangs over them.
By Jacob Biba

Baltimore’s Spy Plane Was Ruled Unconstitutional in 2021. So Why Did One Murder Case Go to Trial Years Later?

March 21, 2024 Investigations
Terrence Carter spent three years in jail and on house arrest in a case in which police and prosecutors relied on the surveillance plane.
By Brandon Soderberg

A Potent Weapon For State Legislatures To Undermine Reform Prosecutors

February 24, 2024 Commentary
Preemption is being used by red and blue states alike to roll back the power of reform prosecutors.
By John Pfaff

Kim Ogg: DA Under Fire

February 23, 2024 Features
Harris County had big plans to reform its criminal justice system. What went wrong?
By Jolie McCullough

An ‘Execute-Them-At-Any-Cost Mentality’: The Supreme Court’s New, Bloodthirsty Era

January 22, 2024 Features
The death penalty survived decades of decline. Now it’s back, thanks to capital punishment-prone prosecutors and a compliant Supreme Court.
By Lara Bazelon

How Phase III Came To Be

January 3, 2024 Features
Though they once applauded the jail’s federal reforms, community groups and political leaders in New Orleans oppose a key mandate: the construction of a $109 million mental health jail.
By Nick Chrastil

Here We Go Again

December 25, 2023 Investigations
The short history and long tail of “zero tolerance” policing in Baltimore.
By Brandon Soderberg and Andrew Friedman

Baltimore Police Unit Under Fire for Deadly Shootings, Questionable Stops

November 15, 2023 Investigations
District Action Team officers fatally shot someone again on Tuesday. But concerns about the unit have been rising for months.
By Brandon Soderberg

Reality Policing TV Is Back And More Pervasive Than Ever

November 14, 2023 Latest
After George Floyd's murder, reality policing shows were cancelled, and network execs promised they'd never return. But three years later, they're back—and thriving.
By Sean Campbell